Complete program Kaboom 2021 online

Hurray! The complete program of Kaboom Animation Festival 2021 is now online. Check it out here. Also, the program for the animation professionals is online here. 

kaboom program online

For the first time ever, the festival is presenting its full program online. The cards were dealt by that damn’ virus, but Kaboom is going all-in for that Royal Flush. Our move means that every soul in the Netherlands can rejoice over 300(!) five-star animated films between March 31st and April 5th. KaBOOM in your bedroom, Kaboom in the kitchen, Kaboom on the couch and – we all know it – Kaboom on the toilet… Choose your place and time and climb the ranks of the busiest binge-watchers out there. We really hope you have an assurance, because we know how we look after five days of non-stop animated amazingness.

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