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Become a volunteer

We’re excited that you’re considering become a volunteer at Kaboom Animation Festival. We’d love to have you on our side and we’re already beyond excited to welcome you as part of our team.

We ask at least three shifts of each about six hours per volunteer (obviously we’ll give you lunch and dinner if you work during those times). Before, after, or in between shifts, you can gorge on all the animation goodness the festival has to offer using the festival pass we give you. We’ll also give you a free shirt, but only if you promise to wear it all the time.

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Volunteer Tasks

Reception Desk

You’ll be responsible for giving a warm welcome to all visitors of Kaboom Animation Festival and informing them about their visit. The most important qualifications are having a nice smile, speaking both English and Dutch, remaining friendly when people ask you weird questions, and keeping a cool head when you don’t know all the answers. 


You’ll be checking tickets, to see if people are at the right screening. During the film, you’ll check the quality of the image and sound and make sure everything runs smoothly.


You’ll make sure that everyone stays alive and nobody starves to death. You’ll set the tables for lunch and dinner, check if everyone can have a comfortable break, clean up afterwards and help out at the bar during big events. You’ll also get us the drinks and snacks we will desperately need (which is a lot). Truly one of the most important tasks.


You’ll help us out with the build of the festival (6, 7 and 8 November in Utrecht, 12 November in Amsterdam) and with dressing the spaces in full Kaboom attire. After the festival, you’ll help with breaking it down (11, 12 and 13 November in Utrecht, 18 November in Amsterdam). Ready to roll up your sleeves?

Virtual Reality Team

Welcome to the future! You’ll ensure that our visitors have the best VR-experience possible. At the VR-station, you’ll be responsible for informing, helping and guiding Kaboom guests. You don’t need to have any experience with VR, but being a bit tech savvy might help. 

Flex Team

Can’t pick which role you’d like best? Join the flex team and treat yourself to a diverse festival experience. One day we might ask you to run to the shop to get needed supplies, the next you’ll be helping out at one of the workshops of our most famous guests. You’ll need to be agile and quick on your toes, because even we don’t know what your next task might be. But you’ll be sure to have the full festival-experience!

Festival Photography

Do you have experience as a photographer and do you own your own equipment? Become a festival photographer at Kaboom. You’ll be joining us at important events with your camera around your neck, snapping shots of our guests, of visitors getting tipsy and of our directors being very important. 

Car Service

You’ll be driving around the city with filmmakers and guests from the animation world by your side. You’ll be picking up guests, bringing them to the hotel or to the festival location. No pressure, they’re just a very big deal. Besides that, you’ll be transporting groceries, volunteers, decorations and everything we need transported from one location to the next. It goes without saying that you need a drivers license for this job and you don’t mind driving around in the city at rush hour.

Program assistant

You’ll help us out during special programs such as workshops, talks and masterclasses. We’ll need some extra hands for all kinds of things during these programs, ranging from technical, to practical, to mental support.