Ooh, what does this person do?
A panel in which animation professionals talk about what their job actually entails

Offline Location: 
Length: 60 min.

We all want to get out of school and succeed in reaching our goals. Working in the film industry, what a blast! But what are the possibilities and what does each job entail? Tried and true professionals with variable skill sets within the animation industry talk you through their career paths and what they actually do. It’s the ideal opportunity to be introduced to specific roles within the animation industry. And who knows… You might just discover your career and future! 

Speakers:  Golan van der Bend (Compositor/VFX - Storm Postproduction), Marlijn van Nuenen (2D animator studying in France), Gerben Agterberg (Set Designer)  

Moderator: Roloff de Jeu   


Available ONLINE from Dinsdag 29 Maart 2022

Dinsdag 29 Maart 2022
13:00 HKU Auditorium