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Poupelle of Chimney Town

Yusuke Hirota
Original title : Eiga Entotsumachi no Puperu
Year: 2020
Dialogue Language: Japanese
Subtitle language: English
Length: 100 min.

If you believe, the world will change.

Ever had a friend who smells terrible? Well, Lubicchi has one. But hey, that friend is also literally a creature made out of trash. Yet, they are the ones who will change Chimney Town, a grimy metropolis, forever.

What is the secret of Chimney Town, a town covered in smoke, where everyone has forgotten to look up? Dreams are laughed at. Stars? Haha, don't make the townspeople laugh! But one man, Bruno the tailor, believed that "beyond the smoke, there might be stars". One day, Bruno disappeared, leaving behind his son Lubicchi who - despite a fear of heights - is a dedicated chimney sweeper following his father's teachings to look up to the sky. Lubicchi meets Poupelle, a garbage monster. Together they embark on a thrilling and heartfelt adventure.

Poupelle of Chimney Town is Yusuke Hirota's directorial debut and the latest feature by the Tokyo-based animation studio STUDIO4°C, which is world-renowned for its cutting-edge visual expression. Just google Mind GameGenius PartyTekkonkinkreet and Children of the Sea and you'll see what we mean! This multifaceted anime eco-fable is based on Nishino Akihiro's popular picturebook which sold over 700,000 copies. The comedian-author had always wanted to see a film version of his book and wrote the screenplay and served as a producer here.

Reminiscent of the best Miyazaki stories, this anime treasure will touch both kids and adults, and will make you look up. Just don't hurt your neck!