Halloween top 5

Halloween is coming and it’s coming fast. Because everything is a bit weird this year, you probably won’t be celebrating it at a crowded party… Maybe an online costumed gathering with friends? However you are going to celebrate Halloween, we have selected five animation movies for you! Have fun!

Swing You Sinners (Dave Fleischer, US, 1930)

What starts as a standard chase cartoon, derails into a swinging, surrealist nightmare. A gem from the golden age of cartoons.

T Is for Toilet (Lee Hardcastle, UK, 2014)

Toilet training goes horribly wrong in a wonderfully repulsive Claymation short made for the ABCs of Death series.

Geenie Reenie (Andrew Ornato, AU, 2017)

A fun short with adorable ghosts and a great goofy soundtrack by the wonderful Andrew Ornato who recently created a brilliant anime music video for Billie Ellish.

Expelling the Demon (Devlin Crow, UK, 1991)

Sometimes your worst enemy is your own body. A man fights with his abusive tongue.

The Sandman (Paul Berry, UK, 1991)

Creepy classic stop-motion that was nominated for an Oscar in 1993. The Sandman stalks a young boy sent to bed early. Not child-friendly!