Our marvelous VR selection

Will we all have second lives in a virtual world by the year 3000? Frankly, we don’t know. But what we do know is that our programmers have selected the best animated Virtual Reality works. Discover a world beyond our reality!

The VR screenings will be open from 5 April to 14 April 2024.

Find us in Utrecht, Bibliotheek Neude Grand Halland Amsterdam, What is Happening Here Gallery.

The Imaginary Friend

A grieving child struggles to separate reality from fantasy. He creates YOU –his (imaginary) friend– to fight the monsters in his mind. Although you have fun together, he starts to grow disconnected from his surroundings…
Are you helping, or just making things worse?

MormoVerse: Under the Pillow

Combine Kittens and VR in this family-friendly verse.  Every night Mormitten travels inside an old couch to find the lost treasures of Yulia and Gosha, the two siblings who created him. Journey into his magical world and follow the story written by the creator’s father over 30 years ago.

My Inner Ear Quartet

In Koji Yamamura’s VR, a lonely boy collecting not only objects but also their voices, lives with four musicians and two Venus’ Flower Basket Shrimps in his ear. Growing up, he becomes a hearing aid’s salesman and no longer picked up lonely objects and their voices. One day, fascinated by a handmade bird brooch saw on the TV news that was found in a Japanese American internment camp, he set out on a journey to collect lonely voices again.

Caves & Flow

Research indicates that prehistoric cave dwellers paid special attention to the acoustic properties of caves with intricate echoes, likely using them for rituals and echolocation. The immersive experience of CAVES, created by director and composer Alex Raúl, art director Bats Bronsveld, and character designer Charleton Mercelina, allows audiences to hear intricate choir harmonies recorded with 3D audio techniques, providing a glimpse into the past.

Dreamweaving Within

In Dreamweaving Within, the participant is confronted with the irony of trying to comprehend the vast and nebulous experience of dreams and the dreamworld.
Their urge to rationalise and verbalise everything is challenged, opening the floor for new epistemologies.
The goal is to create a moment where participants can embark on a journey to discover the realm of dreams, their intuition and VR.

Antimonumeth & Her Name Was Gisberta

Step into the cruel reality of LGBTQ+ marginalized people throughout history through the lens of a Trans person. The VR experience seeks to trigger a series of reflections on the relationship that exists between systemic violence, introjected stigma, and the use of legal and illegal drugs.
Attention: This program is only suitable for adults (18+).

Trigger warning: violence, drug use, sexual content.

Panel: The Future of VR

Let’s go back to the future! Just like last year, we have millions of questions about AI and VR. The strike in Hollywood proved that people in the film industry are concerned about the effect AI will have. Will AI take over the world? Is our future safe in the hands of technology? And what about animation and VR?
It’s a big mystery where VR will stand in let’s say 25 years, but at Kaboom we always like to predict the future!

Kaboom+: Collective dreaming in XR

You know what’s better than creating? Creating together!

After focusing on the power of VR storytelling and world-building, we now dedicated the Kaboom+ workshop to co-creation in VR and invited 5 individuals to form a creative collective that was presented with the daunting task of creating and executing a shared project in a fully democratic collab. In this panel talk, we’ll of course talk about the process of making Dreamweaving Within (the Kaboom+ project presented at the festival),  but also about the dynamics of co-creation, the prototyping processes in VR, and the intersections between dreaming and VR.

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📆 5-7 April, during the opening hours of the library
📍 Bibliotheek Neude Central Grande Hall, Utrecht