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Animation education

Are you an educator and would you like to introduce your students to the art of animation? Kaboom invites you to attend our annual animation festival, to have a taste of the atmosphere of the industry and to discover the possibilities to include animation in the curriculum.  

Unable to make it from 5 until 14 April 2024? No problem! Throughout the year we offer various animation programmes in cooperation with theatres all over the Netherlands.  

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Education programme

Primary education: Kaboom offers thematic film screenings and animation workshops in class, and on the big screen, throughout the Netherlands. There are several possibilities, suitable for preschool classes up to group 8.  

Secondary education: For secondary education, Kaboom offers customized programmes including film screenings, workshops and masterclasses. We are more than happy to come and visit your school to talk about the possibilities and to see which programme suits the school and its students best.  

Why teach animation?

Moving images play a major, even crucial, role in children’s development. Film education helps children understand these images and encourages them to express themselves in creative ways. Film education is not yet a mandatory part of the curriculum, but it is in line with core goals 54, 55 and 56 of artistic education. There is also a strong connection with the learning objectives in language, world orientation and citizenship, among others.  

Animated films are often already a big part of children’s daily lives, making them a very accessible art form for them. Kaboom develops programmes that challenge them creatively and stimulate them to push boundaries. Through our workshops, guest lectures and film screenings of daring, artistic, progressive and ground-breaking animation films, children learn all about watching, judging and interpreting animation. Furthermore, it fosters their creativity, and it can help them find the filmmaker in themselves.  

Kaboom Animation Festival is part of Netwerk Film Educatie (Network Film Education), a national platform that offers various programmes in the field of film education.  

In the province of Utrecht, we work together with Kunst Centraal in the programme Beeld voor Beeld.  


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Teaching guidelines

Find out what the ideal class looks like and download the material.


Find practical assignments for your students and download the worksheets here.

Introductory class

Free introductory lesson in animation.

Film programme

The film programme for in your classroom.