Theme Program | 100 Years of Dutch Animation

One of the main goals of Kaboom is to nourish the Dutch animation sector and provide it with the international audience it deserves. And what better year for us to put a bright shining spotlight on Dutch animation than 2019, exactly 100 years after the first animation film was produced in the Netherlands? It was a promotional film for an aviation show in Amsterdam-Noord in 1919 called A Little Adventure in the Sky.

To celebrate the rich history of Dutch animation, Kaboom has compiled a set of programs consisting of Dutch animation made between 1919 and 2019. You can choose from Musical Encounters, The Characters, Life Philosophies and Dutch Classics for Kids, or you could go see ‘em all, because these trips through Dutch animation history are definitely worthy of your retinas’ attention. This is a unique chance to see these films in such great quality, so go for it!

Symposium: 100 Years of Dutch Animation

100 Years of Dutch

Nederlandse Klassiekers voor Kids

Klassiekers for Kids

Dutch Classics I: Musical Encounters

Musical Encounters

Dutch Classics II: Characters


Dutch Classics III: Life Philosophies

Life Philosophies