Student Film

100 Years of Swiss Animation: Transitions

Various Directors
Year: 2022
Dialogue Language: 
Subtitle language: English
Length: 75 min.

It's celebration time! In 2021, Swiss animation cinema celebrated its 100th anniversary and that deserves a big round of applause AND a special program showcasing the richness of Swiss animation. We go all the way back to the autumn of 1921 which saw the release of Monsieur Vieux-Bois, the first animated film to be produced in Switzerland. Enjoy your trip through animated Switzerland, focusing on transitions of all kinds, from way back at the beginning of the 20th century up to as recent as 2018.

This program is exclusively online and can only be watched as a whole. Please note that some older films are not subtitled. The following films are presented:

1. Monsieur Vieuxbois (excerpt) (Lortac & Cavé, 1921, 12’)

2. Heimatland (Fabio Friedli, Marius Portmann, Andrea Schneider & Loretta Arnold, 2010, 7’)

3. Plug & Play (Michael Frei, 2013, 6’)

4. Gypaetus Helveticus (Marcel Barelli, 2011, 7’)

5. Circuit (Delia Hess, 2018, 9’)

6. I Can See the Dust (Lotti Bauer, 2010, 5’)

7. Die Seilbahn (Claudius Gentinetta & Frank Braun, 2008, 7’)

8. Ruben Leaves (Frederic Siegel, 2015, 5’)

9. Inclinations (Guido & Eva Haas, 1960, 6’)

10. Coyote (Lorenz Wunderle, 2018, 10’)


Available ONLINE from Monday 28 March 2022