Panel: Future of VR


After the tremendous success of the Future of VR talk in 2020, we decided we needed a sequel. How will VR evolve, going forward into the future? A question that might be answered by Natasha Greenhalgh (co-founder and creative director of Nxt Museum), Jurgen Haegler (Programer of Ars Electronica), and last year's winner of the VR Competition Maarten Isaac de Heer.

What new developments have changed the present-day field of VR? Will virtual reality allow us to explore our identities in ways we could have never imagined? What other senses will be included in the VR experience now that innovative devices are in the making? What if AI and virtual reality unite? How does VR influence and transform us? Let's discuss what lies before us in this panel, moderated by curator, transmedia artist and futurologist Victorine van Alphen.

Participants of the VR Day are invited to join the Immmersive drink in the Noda Restaurant in the Library Neude at 20.00.


Monday 27 March 2023
17:30 't Hoogt in Bibliotheek Neude