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Trailers Kaboom ’21

Sneak your peek for the upcoming Kaboom edition with the trailers below. These are all trailers of the features of Kaboom '21, so we'll update this page when we add something to the program. Stay tuned...!

Trailers Kaboom '21

The little bastard grandkids of the Old Man accidentally set loose his prized and thoroughly abused cow.

They now have just 24 hours to find the rogue bovine, before her unmilked udder explodes and unleashes lactopalypse, or before the mysterious Milk Man lethally disarms her.

Our heroes must face festival hippies, forest creeps, sawmill workers and other dangers commonly found in the Estonian countryside…

The thoriphants Mosley and his young son, Rue, discover a cave with acient drawings – creatures just like themselves, only these have hands and walk upright.



This it it. Time to rebel.
Join them on their journey full of adventures. And who knows… maybe you’ll find the fabled city of Uprights…

During the first moments of L’extraordinaire voyage de Marona, a pavement drawing of a curled-up dog blinks its eyes a few last times. Marona is bidding farewell, while the wind blows away the chalk dust. This heralds the start of a mind-blowing animation. The dying pet reminisces about its various owners – from street performers to builders. The more experiences we watch the dog have, the more melancholy invades its life.

Lang geleden verdween Tonio, de zoon van de berenkoning Leonzio. Vastberaden om zijn zoon terug te vinden, vertrekt Koning Leonzio samen met het berenvolk richting de mensenwereld. Een onbetrouwbare tovenaar, een reusachtig zeemonster en een sluwe mensenkoning maken het de beren haast onmogelijk de mensenwereld te bereiken en naar Tonio te zoeken. Maar Leonzio geeft niet op.

My favorite war is a personal story about rising courage to speak out, while growing up in the Cold War. About finding your identity, truth and loyalty.⠀

First, we meet Ilze as a little girl playing war at her granddad´s farm, then she is faced with the horror of war treats at school. Ilze lives in the clash between the Soviet reality and propaganda denying what people are experiencing. On the top of that Ilze also finds out how opposite in their beliefs are people whom she loves most.⠀

The famous Gerrit van Dijk, combines combative skills and uniqueness with humor and an overwhelming talent in life and work. From the moment he knows he will die soon, Gerrit makes one drawing every night for his very last animation film. It’s about what really matters in life. We still recognize the young artist he once was: passionate and full of perseverance to achieve his high set goals. A portrait about a special artist who says goodbye to life in his own unique way.

In this very funny, minimalistic animation film, three idiots decide to form a band together, with all the absurd consequences that entails. A day in summer. A trio of outsider high school students who haven’t touched an instrument in their lives decide to form a band. And so they start to string their offbeat rapsody of youth.

Director IWAISAWA Kenji single-handedly took care of a large part of the animation, which has a deliberately unpolished but very special appearance. A gem for fans of underground music and -animation.