Leader | Kaboom Animation Festival

Our first leader was produced by or dear friends at Studio Pupil with the briefing “You have two weeks. What can you animate for us?”. The Kaboom slogan ‘Let animation blow your mind’ was the inspiration. The two resulting leaders can be seen at the beginning of every screening at Kaboom. Big thanks to this year’s leader creators: Dario van Vree (direction), Jing Yue Zwaan (co-direction, design, animation), Firma Helle Willemstein (sound design) and Tünde Vollenbroek (production).
Studio Pupil was founded in 2014 by two key figures in Dutch animation: director Dario van Vree and producer Tünde Vollenbroek. (Fun fact: the two of them actually when they were working for KLIK, all the way back in 2010! Together Dario and Tünde create and produce animation that’s engaging and entertaining, possibly hilarious and always full of character.