Oh, sweet Sunday!

Oh, sweet Sunday! Make yourself some coffee, orange juice and French toast, because it’s the perfect day to watch animation aaaaalll day long.

Ukraine Benefit: Kaboom x Linoleum Festival
Today, 20:30 EYE 1

In these challenging times, it is important to showcase the beauty and variety of Ukrainian animation. This program is curated by Linoleum, the International Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival that is held in Kyiv every year, since 2014. The festival is the biggest platform for short independent animation in Ukraine.
Watch Ukrainian short animations from the time “before the war”.

Any profits from this special Kaboom program will go to Linoleum to continue their support for Ukrainian animation.

Best of Kaboom Animation Festival 2022
Today, 12:30 EYE 1/ 20:15 EYE 2 / 22:00 EYE 1

If you’re pressed for time, you could find yourself a nice YouTube video about time management. But you could also just take advantage of Best Shorts of Kaboom: our compilation of the very best shorts of the festival, as chosen by both our honorable jury and distinguished audience. So no need to worry about not having the time to check out all the amazing shorts at our festival: we’ve got your back.