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Official Selection 2022

Official Selection Kaboom Animation Festival 2022

Kaboom will be back, and there is no stopping it! We have searched galaxies far and wide, explored uni- & multiverses and made Star Trek’s USS Enterprise and its crew look like boy scouts, just to be sure we can deliver the best of the best to you, our audience. Our team submerged themselves in more than 1200 submissions, watching closely to find the pearls of the deep ocean. After a deliberation that looked like an even more sweaty version of 12 Angry Men, 192 shorts came out on top. These are the shorts in the Official Selection of Kaboom 2022. Expect a dazzling – yet healthy – overload of short films for young, old and everyone in between. Let’s boldly go … Oh heck, let’s just go crazy and indulge ourselves in countless minutes of film fun!

And maybe not unimportant: Kaboom lands back on Earth from March 28th to April 3rd 2022. In Amsterdam, Utrecht, but also on the world wide web, just like last year. See ya then!