Kaboom ft. Animated Women: an AR exhibition

Kaboom and Animated women teamed up to celebrate female excellence in animation: an augmented reality exhibition

Together with Animated Women, we launched an open call for animated self-portraits of established and emerging female animators. These portraits will be brought to life with an augmented reality layer (no prior experience with AR was necessary for the animating women). The best submissions are exhibited at our online festival, and also on the streets of Amsterdam and Utrecht.

The goal of this exhibition is to showcase, celebrate and elevate female excellence in animation with animated self-portraits of professional artists from around the world, shifting this old practice of self-portraiture into modern times of pocket computers, and combining animation practice with the latest technology. Pushing and expanding the traditional, curious, playful and fun to discover, the selection of AR Portraits will visually enrich the cities of Amsterdam and Utrecht.

Click here to see the exact locations of the portraits in Amsterdam and Utrecht