Get your Kaboom Beer Box: a festival ticket + 6 Instock beers

What goes better with a film festival than beer? Not much! That is why Kaboom teamed up with Instock, and now offers the Kaboom Beer Box. For €33 you get an All You Can Eat ticket for the complete festival, and six beers selected by Instock will be delivered to your door the day before the festival. And another great thing: you are fighting food waste at the same time, since Instock makes all their products with ‘salvaged ingredients’, products that would have been thrown out otherwise.

About Instock

About a third of all food is wasted. World wide this means 1,3 billion tons per year! Food waste happens in the entire food chain. Instock aims to change this by raising awareness about food waste. They rescue products that otherwise would have been thrown out. For example: oversupply, a pumpkin that is too small, a crooked cucumber or damaged fruit. Instock gathers the left-over / not-pretty-enough produce at the producing companies and turn it into delicious and sustainable meals and drinks, together with other chefs and caterers. Their beers for example, are made with salvaged potatoes and bread!