Official Selection Kaboom Animation Festival 2023

💥 Official Selection Kaboom Animation Festival 2023 💥 

🥁🥁🥁 It is finally TIME for the announcement of the films in the Official Selection of 2023. Yet, we have succeeded in selecting more than 150 shorts to enter our glorious competition battlefield in Utrecht, Amsterdam & online. A few of them will come out as victors. But losers, no – these don’t exist, because talent and art are there to be celebrated, to be cherished, to be remembered and to be devoured by you … the audience.  

With our 9 categories there is something for everyone. Expect a dazzling – yet healthy – overload of short films for young, old and everyone in between. The battle is from now on known as Kaboom’s Official Selection 2023. We’re ready. Are you?  🌟

P.s. Our ticket sale starts 1st of March, don’t forget to put it in your calendar… 

Check here our Official Selection 2023!