Dario’s favorite films 🎵

Team members of Kaboom Animation Festival have created free film packages, especially for all our animation-loving-friends. Gems you won’t find on Netflix, but are definitely worth your time. Last week you could find Maarten’s selection on our website. This week it’s Dario’s turn. What have you got in stock for us, Dario?

The Big Snit (Richard Condie, CA, 1985) My favourite animated short film of all time. While the world burns we play scrabble, squabble and make lovely music.

Benigni (Elli Vuorinen, FI, 2009) Will we miss it when it’s gone?

Skhizein (Jeremy Clapin, FR, 2008) Be glad you don’t have to social distance yourself like this guy.

Intolerance Part 1 (Phil Mulloy, GB, 2000) This is an outrage!

Orgesticulanismus (Mathieu Labaye, BE, 2008) You can still move freely. In your mind.