Discover the Kaboom Animation Festival 2022 Poster with Leyla

Discover the Kaboom Animation Festival 2022 Poster with Leyla

What was your idea for Myths and Fairytales?

Since I was a child, I was very much intrigued and interested in myths and fairytales, I had a whole library at my aunt’s house where she had tens of books on the topic of fairytales from different countries and continents. I read them every summer and read them again the following summer. I was so impressed by the diverse characters and how different the storytelling went. It was an interesting way to explore other cultures.

How did you come up with these characters?

I think all the characters are influenced by the books that I’ve read. It’s not that I am using characters that are already existing in folklore, but I think there are very much connected to the fairytales that I’ve read and somehow, I selected that.

What is your favorite character?

It’s such a difficult question always for me, to choose my favorite painter, illustrator, character because all the characters are unique and they have their own place in my heart and I always think of my illustration and especially of my characters as my little babies, so I can’t really choose. But I like some characters more because of the feel they give me. For last year’s edition, the one on a stone was very much how I was feeling at that point, but for the new edition I think I like how chill, quiet and zen are the women on the rocks like how they are rolling around and the hunters on the bridge, I like the enthusiasm.

And what was your inspiration for the poster?

Every time I start working on posters for Kaboom first I sit down with Aneta and we have long discussions. It’s the beginning point of my inspiration, After that it’s usually the combination of mood boards and my playlist on Spotify.

Also, you can find her works at The City Without Meat exhibition, which showcases ten illustrative works by her and Gus Moystad and Timon Vader. This program is freely accessible to all visitors between March 14 and April 3rd. Check Supernova cinema for opening hours.