These are a few of Maarten’s favorite films 🎵

We told you we’ll get you through quarantine and we meant it. Lead programmer Maarten van Gageldonk has made film pack for isolation, consisting of five films all available to you online.

The Fox and the Hare (Yuri Norstein, RU, 1973) A beautiful Russian fable about the joys of staying home and overcoming differences. Look at how cute that house looks at the end!

Two Films About Loneliness (Will Bishop-Stephens & Christopher Eales, UK, 2014) Right now, we need our neighbours more than ever. A film on online life and knowing who lives next to you.

Every Dog’s Guide to Complete Home Safety (Les Drew, CA, 1986) Whatever form of isolation you are in right now, it makes us more dependent on the people we live with, but also on our pets! What if our pets would take care of us?

Sunny Side Up (Paul Driessen, NL, 1985) Sometimes your imagination is your best friend. Or is it? A game with mirroring by the Dutch master.

Phone Home (Greg & Myles McLeod, UK, 2012) You think you’re isolated? Well, here’s a funny little story about real distances. Don’t get alienated from the ones you love!