Willem de Kooning students present AR exhibitions

The animated works of Willem de Kooning Academy students for Kaboom 2021

Animation was born out of invention. Since its earliest forms animation evoked a sense of wonder and magic. It was made possible by technological progress during the 19th and early 20th century when illusionists became filmmakers. Technological developments still shape the art form and innovations continue to disrupt and change the ways in which a society functions and communicates in a profound way.

Inspired Big Bang theme of the festival, forty students of the Willem de Kooning Academy, were asked to create a location-based animated experience in the public space, showing animation’s hidden history. The results will be presented here on our website.

Mossy Frames

The Magere Brug in Amsterdam has a history that intersects with a myth, the story of the sisters who wanted to build it. We expanded on their legend to explore what connects fiction and reality, through an interactive AR experience on the bridge itself.
Artists: Julia Szalay, Lorenzo Bacchin and Anna Liebermann
Website: https://mossyframes.hotglue.me/

Chicken Leg

Our project revolves around the castle of Capelle. We will give you a glimpse into the daily lives of the people of capelle and the former castle from back in time. See how the castle will appear right in front of your eyes and explore it. Additionally, find all the pigeons that are around the castle inspired from the pigeon and thief’s museum.
Artists: Sol, Maud, Sabrina and Dione
Website: https://teamchickenleg.wixsite.com/slotcapelle

It's all gone south

We tell a story about the rave culture that surrounds the Maassilo in Rotterdam. It’s a remembrance of nights at the Maassilo/Club Now & Wow Through the eyes of one of the ravers. We focus on a hidden aspect of the culture which is the personal connections that are being made!
Artists: Gert Granickaite, Riccardo Canciello, Sam Arreguy and Jordi de Jong

Whale Mail

Take a walk in the harbor at the Wilhelminapier, Rotterdam and discover the story of two migrants talking to each other through postcards. You will meet Johan – a mischievous 14 year old boy who plans to move to America in the 1920s, as well as Sarah – a charming girl who just came to present day Rotterdam. As you go and find the right locations, where the postcards match, you view the world how they experience it and see both their highs and lows. For this AR experience download the app “Artivive” and go to the Wilhelminapier in Rotterdam to take a stroll around the pier.
Artists: Evelijn Neefjes, Yoanna Koleva, Carlijn Peek, Radu Stoican and Chris Blom
Website: https://whalemailar.wixsite.com/whalemail

Glo Studios

Almost 100 years ago, the biggest school complex of the Netherlands was constructed in Rotterdam. We show how the building and the people within have adapted to changes over time and tell a story about growing up through 7 windows into the past. Download the Artivive app and go to Sikkelstraat 35, 3075 CK Rotterdam to start the journey.
Artists: Jamie Machul, Naomi Kortleven and Nicole Lewis

Porks & Dorks (Monko Business)

It is the year 2021 and the world is aflame! Everything is ending and everyone seem to have already given up. If you don’t do something no-one will. Meet a colorful array of characters as you explore the exotic world inside of the Tropicana swimming pool. Get your feet wet as you travel through time in an attempt to save the world from total damnation.
Artists: Celestin Dubin, Marco den Uijl, Pit Lempens, Sebastiaan van Beek and Jennifer Kimberly de Ruiter

Witte de Withstraat

Visit the Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdams most beloved hipster-hangout, and take a walk through the streets tumultuous past! Guided by four expressive animations you’ll follow the streets development from a well-respected journalists neighborhood in the Sixties through a phase as Rotterdams most criminally active street to the artisanal shopping paradise we know and love today. Download the Eyejack App and start the experience at Witte de Withstraat 80!
Artists: Meta Laitko, Noa MacDonald, Khaled Qaderi and Tracy Abanum


Our project takes place in the neighborhood of Rotterdam Hillegersberg. We are telling the fantastical story of the creation of this neighborhood, which got created by the giantess Hillegonda. It is an augmented reality experience linking traditions to technology
Artists: Noémie Kohl, Daria Pavlinova, Jivan Dwarkasing and Emile Juodzeviciute

Studio Maika

We made this project for dog owners who want to honour their passed friends. We interviewed six dog owners and present their dog stories in this shrine. You can click on the dogs to read their stories and when you enter the shrine you have the option to honor your own dog, through clicking on the picture frame and adding a picture.
Artists: Valerija Čulkova, Julia Peelen and Maaike Acda