KLIKxHAFF join forces

After 11 years of coexisting within the Dutch cultural landscape, KLIK and HAFF have decided to join forces.

HAFF is a festival with a great tradition and long-standing international reputation, a focus on auteur and experimental animation, and a well developed educational program. KLIK is well known as a progressive and inclusive festival that celebrates a wide variety of animation, standing in close contact with the audience and connecting the animation sector.

After the departure of its former director, HAFF invited KLIK to explore the possibility of creating a joint festival. Over the course of these talks, common ground was found in a forward-looking attitude and the recognition of how complementary both festivals are to one another. Both parties are enthusiastic about the opportunities a joint venture can create for further development of the Dutch animation sector within our cultural landscape.

The reactions of the Dutch industry to this mutual intent have been positive and confident, affirming our ambitions to make the coalition a great success.

In the coming two years KLIK and HAFF will organise one festival in two cities: Utrecht and Amsterdam. The 2019 festival will be held in October/November 2019. The concept or the new festival will be drawn up in the coming months. At the beginning of 2019 we will be able to share more details about the competitions.