🎬 New Feature film added to the program of Kaboom 2023🎬

“Inu-Oh” by Masaaki Yuasa

A radical and rebellious anime, Inu-oh is set in 14th-century Japan, when the blind biwa player Tomona and the mysterious, disfigured outcast Inu-oh – characterised by his giant arm with which he can outdance everyone – team up to proof their worth to the people and the establishment. Voiced by Ayu-chan (the gender-fluid lead singer of rock band Queen Bee), Inu-oh is a revolutionist in disguise, challenging all societal codes and conventions by just embracing who he is. Yuasa’s imagination – with the help of a novel by Hideo Furukawa – comes up with more plot elements, yet they are all shamed by the electrifying, anachronistic and jaw-dropping operatic (glam) rock performances by Tomona and Inu-oh. Channeling his inner rock god, Tomona plays the biwa behind his head at one point – how much cooler can a medieval artist get?


📅 Sat, 25 Mar 2023 21:45 📍 Slachtstraat Cinema (Utrecht)
📅 Sun, 2 Apr 2023 21:15 📍 Eye Cinema 2 (Amsterdam)

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