Film tips: Christmas animation top 6!

As we say in the kaboom office, home is where the movies (read: Gin tonics) are. As we were slowly wrapping up our work (and gifts), we started thinking about the most important question of the year “What to watch during the holidays? What appeals to the whole family? What has good vibes? What can we watch instead of ‘Love Actually’ for the 5th year in a row?”. Boy, we have got the answer for you! To help you with your quest we have put together a list of cozy animated films and shows to binge-watch with the whole family. Additionally, they are all easily accessible through your local cinema, Netflix or Disney+!  

Below you will find 6 animated recommendations to binge-watch with the whole family.  


🎄 #1 The Boy and the Heron 

🎥 Hayao Hiyazaki, 2023, 2h 4’ 

Famous Ghibli director Hayao Hiyazaki is back with his newest (and last?) movie, finally released in the Netherlands. Midst the turmoil of World War II, Mahito and his father find solace in the countryside. The haunting memory of Mahito’s mother, lost in a fire, lingers as his father decides to remarry, plunging Mahito into despair. However, a chance meeting with a mysterious heron brings a new understanding of his life and family history, shedding light on the intricate tapestry that binds them together.  

🎬 You can watch The Boy and the Heron in cinemas around the country now! Interested in any of the other Ghibli masterpieces? Check out LAB111, A winter with Studio Ghibli specials. 


🎄 #2 Chicken Run & Chicken Run Dawn of the Nugget 

🎥 Sam Fell, 2023, 1h 41’ 

23 years after first flying the coop, the chickens are back. Instead of hatching a daring escape from a human run farm like in the first movie, in Dawn of the Nugget Rocky and Ginger have to save their abducted daughter. Both movies are feather-flapping, hilarious adventures that proves teamwork, determination and family can overcome anything.  

🎬Where to watch: Netflix  


🎄 #3 Elemental 

🎥 Peter Sohn, 2023, 1h 42’  

Based on director Peter Sohn’s life with his parents immigrating from Korea to the USA, the film follows the journey of a contradictory pair, Ember and Wade, in a city where water-, fire-, air- and earth residents live together. The go-with-the-flow guy and fiery girl are discovering something elemental: how much they actually have in common.  

🎬 Where to watch: Disney+ 


🎄 #4 Nimona 

🎥 Troy Quane, Nick Bruno, 2023, 1h 41’ 

Want some Fantasy to spice up the holidays? In the animated world of “Nimona,” a shape-shifting girl joins forces with a notorious villain to shake up the status quo. As their unexpected alliance unfolds, the line between hero and villain blurs in this action-packed and heartwarming tale.

🎬 Where to watch: Netflix 


Credit: Ponyo, Hayao Miyazaki

🎄 #5 The Ghibli films

🎥 Studio Ghibli 

An all-time Kaboom favorite, The Studio Ghibli movies take you to enchanting worlds where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. From the mystical forests of “My Neighbor Totoro” to the high-flying adventures of “Howl’s Moving Castle,” each film is a captivating journey that seamlessly weaves magic, emotion, and timeless storytelling.  

🎬 Where to watch: Netflix. Want to watch these in cinemas? Check out LAB111, A winter with Studio Ghibli specials. 


🎄 #6 Gudetama: An eggcellent adventure 

🎬 Where to watch: Netflix

Interested in watching an egg be unbelievably adorable? Join the ultimate slacker, Gudetama, on a whimsical adventure filled with eggstraordinary laziness. From quirky problem-solving to amusing encounters, Gudetama’s unique charm turns everyday moments into a laugh-out-loud journey. Get ready for a crack-up as he brings his laid-back perspective to life! 🍳😴 

We hope this list will help ease your choice of what to bingewatch with your family. For now, we wish you happy holidays and we can’t wait to see you all next year at the next edition of Kaboom Festival! 🎅🏠