Meet the Doc and Dutch Competition Jury 2022


He was born in the North-East of Italy. After studying engraving, photography, and graphic design at the Polytechnic University of Milan he continued his academic path in France. He now lives in Geneva, Switzerland, where he works at Nadasdy Film studio. With his individual technique already distinctive in his early works Mauro contributed to the award-winning full-length animated film «Approved for Adoption» (2012) as compositing supervisor.



Lizz Hickey is the creator of Weird Helga, The Land of Boggs, and has made cartoons for Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.



Akwasi is a storyteller, creative visionary, poet, rapper, musician. He chooses words to inspire, fascinate and stimulate the hues of our contemporary thinking – to lead a new generation of thinkers, towards an understanding of how freedom of speech combined with creative talent, can move the masses.