Titillating Treasures by Tünde

Team members of Kaboom Animation Festival have created free film packages, especially for all our animation-loving-friends. Gems you won’t find on Netflix, but that are definitely worth your time. Today ‘Tis Time for Tünde’s to Take us Through her Treasures. Titillating!

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Lesley the Pony Has an A+ Day (Christian Larrave, US, 2014) Silliness mixed with an underlying darkness is my daily state of mind right now, and it might very well be yours too – it’s definitely Lesley the Pony’s…

La Joie de Vivre (Anthony Gross & Hector Hoppin, UK, 1934) This classic is an ode to the joy of life, but moreover its animation style is beautifully rich in its flatness.

Rubicon (Gil Alkabetz, DE 1997) Some masterfully crafted uncomplicated fun with a classic riddle.

Still from the short film Rubicon

Please Say Something (David O’Reilly, US, 2009) Being homebound is the ideal occasion to watch this temporary classic about relationships.

Helpiman (Aisha Madu, NL, 2012) Unhappy animation can be comforting when it says what we’re all thinking or feeling… 🙂