🎬 We are proud to annouce that the Kaboom Animation Festival 2024 opening film is...🎬


Chicken for Linda! 🐔 directed by Chiara Malta and Sébastien Laudenbach 
We all know that apologies are best served in the form of a good meal... 🥘 🍽️
Linda is unfairly punished by her mother, Paulette, who will do anything to make it up to her. Even a chicken with peppers when she is no Gordon Ramsay. Paulette absolutely wants to cook that chicken that reminds Linda of her late father, but there is a strike that leads to a lot of complications...
Crowned with 8 prestigious awards and 6 nominations, Chicken for Linda! is a chaotic rollercoaster for the whole family. It shows the joyous whirlwind of childhood, the wonderous embrace of a mother-daughter bond and how one can find a renewed zest for life. 💫
⚪ Mark your calendars! In EYE Cinema Amsterdam:
📆 21:00, Thursday 11 April 2024
📆 13:30, Saturday 13 April 2024
📆 21:15, Sunday 14 April 2024
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“A sensitively-handled story about processing the loss of a loved one”



“A wave of optimistic revolt against the constraints of the established order sweeps everything up in its path in this incredibly dynamic tale, set amidst gentle and suggestive graphics.”



“Luckily, there’s a perfect balance between zany playfulness and some deeper underlining message about death and parenting.”