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If you always felt that VR holds something in store for you but were too afraid to try, this workshop is precisely for you! For the fourth time, Kaboom Animation Festival with the backing of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds wishes to extend the invitation to all creatives out there who’d like to explore VR as a possible medium of expression to join us during this unique venture into the unbound territory of virtual production.

What and when: The Kaboom+ VR workshop will consist of several obligatory and optional events. The core of the workshop is constituted by two on-site working weekends:

  • 15-17 September 2023
  • 1-3 December 2023

Price: €275*
Location: Amsterdam

During the 2023 Kaboom+ edition, titled Exquisite Co-ops: The VR Improv Co-creation Workshop, we wish to invite 6 individuals to form a creative collective and offer them an interdisciplinary framework combining VR-native tools with collaborative practices drawn from improv theatre, filmmaking, art education and worldbuilding in order to unlock their creative potential in VR. 

Combining the intense on-location and online working sessions involving the best creators in the field, with case studies, masterclasses and exhibition/studio visits we wish to create an experimental but welcoming VR kitchen of sorts (or an alchemist lab) where the most far-fetched ideas can be collectively brought to life and tested with a playful immediacy.

The workshop is supplemented by short individual working sessions with the public at Imagine Film Festival (scheduled according to preferences of the participants), and 2-3 online working days, dependent on the availability of the participants and tutors (dates to be decided with the group). Extra-curricular activities will involve group visits to the most important XR-related events in the country including IDFA DocLab and Immersive Tech Week, where we will be given a behind-the-scenes scoop into the industry. Curated by Stanislaw Liguzinski.

Additionally, throughout the whole period of the workshop – between September 2023 and March 2024, participants will be given the opportunity to keep the VR-ready laptops and headsets at home, which will allow them to continue working on their projects, hold bottom-up collaborative sessions (without the supervision of mentors), and develop their competencies.

The results of the workshop will be presented as an immersive group exhibition (5-8 April 2024) during the Kaboom Animation Festival 2024!


We want this workshop to become a creative gateway to VR for makers from any strands of art, science and humanities as long as they express real interest in the medium, therefore:

  • We do not require any previous experience in developing VR works but it is necessary to have had the experience as VR users (to be familiar with the controllers and ready to spend a considerable amount of time in the headset). Exceptions might be made if the applicants commit to familiarizing themselves with the basics before the start of the workshop. We also do welcome experienced makers as the workshop will require close collaboration between participants and an exchange of expertise.
  • We require a full commitment and availability during the 2 on-site workshop weekends, the online working sessions, and at least one 1-2h session with the public during the Imagine Film Festival (25 October – 4 November 2023). Every on-site weekend will start with a warm-up session on Friday evening and will continue throughout Saturday and Sunday. 

* There are limited spots to ensure you will get the most out of this workshop. The deadline of the registration is the 14th of July and the selected candidates will be informed on the 18th of July.

* In exceptional circumstances we can help the applicant look for a scholarship to partially cover the fee. If you find yourself unable to pay, describe the situation in “additional remarks” section of the application

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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