Kaboom’s educational program

We would like to invite you and your class to Kaboom Animation Festival, a brand new animation film festival in Utrecht from 9 to 13 November. Join Kaboom and get active in a workshop and watch special animation films.

We offer programs for group 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 of primary school. You can come to us for workshops, guest lessons and film screenings in the classroom and on the big screen.

We also develop tailor-made programs for secondary education. We are happy to talk to you about what suits your school and students.

Contact Merel Gilsing via educatie@kaboomfestival.nl for more information.

The festival will take place from 9 to 13 November 2019 in Utrecht. Educational programs and workshops can be booked from 11 to 13 November.


1) Visit Kaboom
Learn all about animation and film and visit the festival for a screening! Expect a special program in which various forms of animation come along. The program fits in with well-known educational themes such as friendship, bullying, identity and cultural differences. At a later stage, it will be revealed exactly which films will be shown. There is an introduction to the film program and teaching material for in the class room will be provided.

Costs: 3.50 per student, at least 45 students. With fewer students, the price is calculated for 45 students.

2) Animation Festival in the classroom
An animator comes to the classroom to tell everything about animation and to get creative with the students through a short film program. Teaching material for in the classroom is provided.

Costs: From 250 euros for a 2-hour program

Moving images have a major impact on the world view of children. Film education is aimed at learning to understand and use these images and to express yourself creatively. Film education is not yet a compulsory part of the curriculum, but is in line with the core objectives 54, 55 and 56 for artistic education. A link is also possible with learning objectives of language, world orientation and citizenship, among other things.

Animation film is part of their daily lives for many children. That makes it an accessible art form that is available to everyone. From this well-known form, Kaboom works on programs that challenge students artfully and push their limits. The festival offers workshops, guest lessons and film screenings in the classroom and on the big screen. In challenging, artistic, progressive and groundbreaking educational programs, children learn to watch, assess and interpret animation films.

The creativity of children is stimulated in a way that fits in with their experience. Through the programs they discover that they themselves are creative makers and can shape their imagination.

Kaboom Animation festival is part of the Network Film Education, the national platform for a high-quality and varied offer in the field of film education.