Film tips: Valentine’s Day animation top 9

What compliments a home better than anything else? You guessed it, it’s love! Whether you celebrate with your partners, friends, or family, we wish all Kaboomers out there a happy Valentine’s Day! 🤍 And because we love you so much, we compiled a list of animated shorts for you to watch with your loved ones. Cause what better way to celebrate Valentine’s by sharing our love for animation. 


Check out the list of films we prepared for you:

🤍 #1 All Consuming Love (Man in a Cat)  

Louis Hudson | 2011 | UK | 9’ 

A perverted little love story about a man who lives in a cat and falls in love with its new owner. 



🤍 #2 Toutes Nuancées 

Chloé Alliez | 2015 | BE | 6’ 

Love shown from a range of different angles. A film that pierces through stereotypes. Student work mostly made from light switches.  



🤍 #3 Analysis Paralysis 

Anete Melece | 2016 | CH | 9’ 

Various characters look for love in the big city in this great Swiss short. 



🤍 #4 One Pair Coat 

Yi Luo | 2019 | DE | 3’ 

The cutest film ever about a day in the life of a couple. 



🤍 #5 The Tender Game 

John Hubley, Faith Hubley | 1958 | US | 6’ 

A classic, a wonderful film made by John and Faith Hubley. A work of great beauty with music by Ella Fitzgerald and Oscar Peterson. 



🤍 #6 Opening Night  

Margaret Bialis| 2018 | US | 5’ 

Reflecting on past conflicts, a man dances through life with optimism, gratitude, and a touch of music.



🤍 #7 Love  

Reka Bucsi | 2016 | France | 14’ 

In 3 different chapters, Love describes affection through its impact on a distant solar system.           



🤍 #8 To Thy Heart   

Ewa Borysewicz| 2013 | Poland | 11’ 

A chewing gum, a swing – there must be love somewhere: a story about a relationship that takes place between anonymous houses.           



🤍 #9 Belly 

Julia Pott | 2011 | UK | 8’ 

As Oscar comes of age, he grapples with the bittersweet necessity of leaving something behind, a sensation lingering in the pit of his stomach. 



We hope you felt our love through this special curated list. For now, we wish you a happy Valentine’s Day and we can’t wait to see you soon at the next edition of Kaboom Festival! 🤍