🤍 Kaboom x Culturele Zondag Utrecht🤍 

⚪ Ready to immerse yourself in some arts and culture? On the 18th of February the city of Utrecht will transform into an exciting playground for workshops, screenings and more. Of course, we had to take part too. ⁠

⚪ We bring an exciting program of 7 Dutch shorts discovering the theme of ‘Home’, adjacent to our own festivals theme this year (Welcome Home). What’s it like to have to leave home? To find a queer home? To disagree with your neighbor? To attend a Dutch birthday party? ⁠

⚪ We will explore all of this and more in our exciting program at Slachtstraat Filmtheater. You can walk in every half an hour, from 14:00 – 16:00! ⁠Of course, we also didn’t forget about the little ones. For them, we present a walk-in program including 4 shorts at Stadhuis every half an hour from 13:30 – 14:30. From friendships with rocks, to adventures of fish (and a short appearance of Godzilla), the kids will surely enjoy these amazing animations.


⚪ More info HERE.