Freaks of Nurture: Saluting Canadian Animation 🍁 

Freaks of Nurture: Saluting Canadian Animation 🍁 

What can the amazing Kaboomers expect? Curated by the one and only Chris Robinson we’ve got: 

⭐ The Canuck sampler featuring a golden oldie from Evelyn Lambart, an animator largely ignored until recent years.  

⭐ A journey through all areas of Canada to showcase stories about sex (The Clitoris), indigenous experiences (Snip), dead dads, sneezing, childbirth, satirical fairy tales, and a couple of troubled pigeons. 

⭐ Barfights (At the Quinte Hotel), embarrassing parents (In the Shadow of the Pines),

⭐ A homeless animator (2004 Oscar winner, Ryan),  

⭐ LSD happenings (End of Recording),  

⭐ An epic exploration of self-love (Finding Uranus),

⭐ A buffer of dishes reflecting themes of consumerism (Focus),  

⭐ Tourism, surrealism, bizarre Canadian rock bands (Death Van).


And many many more! The full program is coming soon, so make sure to follow our socials for all the details.