Official Selection Kaboom Animation Festival 2024

💥 Official Selection Kaboom Animation 2024 💥 

⏰  The wait is over. It is finally time to announce the Official Selection for Kaboom Animation Festival 2024. Get ready to dive into our carefully crafted collection that is sure to leave you speechless. 🤭 This year, a total amount of 178 films and VR works will compete on our glorious cinematographic battleground. The competition is fierce, so it will be a suspenseful match. Let’s see who comes out on top.

With nine categories to explore there is something for everyone. Expect a dazzling – yet healthy – overload of short films and VR works for young, old and everyone in between. We are excited to celebrate, discuss, cherish and devour these exciting works. Will you join us?

Check out the Official Selection here. 👀 

P.S. Our ticket sale starts on the 8th of March, don’t forget to put it in your calendar. 

Check here our Official Selection 2024!