Theme Program | To Infinity and Beyond

Kaboom is very excited to invite you to our themed program about space travel. It’s a subject that concerns us all—or at least it most probably will in the future. By showcasing a carefully curated selection of animated work, we invite you to step into our rocket and be launched into space for our program To Infinity And Beyond.

The possibilities of space travel are getting closer every bloody second. Sure, a vacation to the sun is something we can still only do figuratively (and we should be happy about that because there’s no SPF-factor for that kind of heat yet). But eccentric billionaires are investing huge amounts of coin in creating spaceships fit for human travel. We might just see the day when it’s possible to head out into the stars to go clubbing on Venus. Is this marvelous? Yes. Is this terrifying? Also yes.

We will consider space travel from a great variety of angles. We’ll have a look at the philosophical implications of leaving our precious blue-green marble behind, we’ll scream our lungs out at the intergalactic horrors that await us and… we’ll try not to get too aroused by looking at all those tight-fitting space suits. ?

Mo Cosmos Mo Problems

What problems do we bump into when traveling through space, colonizing planets or even hopping universes?

Robots & Ruimtereizen

05 Lost Cargo

Rockets & Romance

KatyWang_Contact_still_8 (2)

16mm to Mars


In Space No One Can Hear You Scream

Eddy Table 07 light (1)