TEST Kids program 2

60 min.

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Student Film

Mum Is Pouring Rain

Hugo de Faucompret
France, 2021
30 min.

The tenacious 8-year-old Jane is looking forward to spending Christmas with her Mom, but she is sent unknowingly to her Grandma's instead. Her mother is going through a depression, but Jane is too young to understand. The holiday turns out to be quite an adventure as Jane meets some new friends. And as she opens up, she'll find that life can be a feast and that she might even inspire her mother! With the warmth of a Studio Ghibli film, Mum is pouring rain holds a strong message and will most likely make your eyes a bit watery. 

Student Film

Zog and the Flying Doctors

Sean Mullen
United Kingdom, 2020
28 min.

Wiu wiu wiu wiu, here comes the dragon ambulance with Zog the dragon, Princess Pearl and Sir Gadabout. Yep, you heard it right: a dragon ambulance! Based on Julia Donaldson's picture book and following the first Zog film, Zog and the Flying Doctors is about an unlikely flying doctor team that is committed to treating all kinds of creatures, real and mythical, including a mermaid, a unicorn and a lion. But uh-oh! The King captures Pearl and he really doesn't like a princess doctor. But Pearl is determined to lead the life she has chosen...