🤍 Kaboom × IFFR Talk: Bill Plympton, Monday 29 January, 14:00 🤍 

The talk will take place during the 53rd edition of IFFR and we will be there to moderate it. 🦁  

🗓️ Monday, 29th of Jan 2024 (14:00-16:00) 

📍De Doelen Jurriaanse Zaal, Rotterdam

This would be the best opportunity for all those who are interested in making animations. 🤭🤝 

Details about the workshop and tickets here: https://iffr.com/en/iffr/2024/events/talk-bill-plympton  

An exciting masterclass from Bill Plympton, one of the most revered figures in independent animation, at IFFR with his latest feature, Slide. The masterclass includes screenings, a live drawing demonstration and a free gift for all and every attendee. 

Bill’s feature is selected in our festival too. But don’t wait, go and get it now! 🤝 

This year, IFFR has the honour of presenting Plympton’s latest feature, Slide – a culmination of his work, bringing together many aspects of his early life. In addition to this, Plympton will be offering a masterclass about his career as an animator, and about how he’s been able to survive as an independent filmmaker. During the masterclass, he will show a selection of his shorts, perform a live drawing demonstration, and give a free sketch to all attendees!  

– Cristina Álvarez López